At Rainbow Day Nursery, Lymm, we pride ourselves on having the right balance of mature and younger Senior Officers, Nursery Officers and Nursery Assistants. Our Senior members of staff have been with us for numerous years and have extensive qualifications and experience of working with young children. All Staff Members are trained in the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is the framework which all childcare settings follow up to School Reception age. For more information on this, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We operate a Key person system to enable each child and family to build a close and trusting relationship with a Key Staff member. The Key person will be responsible for planning for your child's developmental needs within the group. 


Tracy Butterfield - Nursery Director. BA(Hons) ECS  EYPS L7

Angela Gordon - Senior Officer Early Learners. NVQ3

Abbie Willis- Senior Officer Toddler Room. L2 w/t EYT L3 

Alison Dixon - Senior Officer Preschool.  NNEB

Bethany Henderson - Nursery Officer Preschool. CYPW L2

Steven Williams - Nursery Officer Toddler Room. CYPW L2

Ellie Maclean - Nursery Officer Baby Room. BA(Hons) ECS L6

Sue Crank - Nursery Officer Preschool. NVQ3

Gemma Brownhill - Nursery Officer. NVQ3

Cheryl Lowry - Nursery Cook. C&G

Sam Neild - Assistant Nursery Cook.

Kerry Healey - Nursery Officer. NVQ3

Jackie Price - Nursery Assistant. NVQ2

Lynn Fuller - Deputy Director. NNEB

Heather Pownall - Senior Officer Early Learners. NVQ3

Lorraine Rustage - Senior Officer Baby Room. NNEB

Josie Litherland - Nursery Officer Baby Room. NNEB

Julie Dawson - Nursery Officer Baby Room. NNEB

Charlotte Mooney - Nursery Officer Baby Room. CYPW L2

Carly Smith - Nursery Officer Early Learners. NVQ3

Emma Eborn - Nursery Officer Toddler Room. NVQ3

Emma Parsonage - Nursery Officer Toddler Room. BA(Hons)ECS L6

Cath Kelly - Nursery Officer Early Learners. NVQ3

Sarah Kennedy - Nursery Officer Preschool. FD L5

Jordan Squires - Nursery Apprentice. 

Elle Gelling - Nursery Apprentice.